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Dynamic Installation

"Like the calm and rage in the ever changing sea, we too possess the ability to change in an instant.  Unlike the ocean, we have the ability to control our direction and control our emotions.  Reflect."

Ross Power

As a sculptor, I see a special purpose for my art to raise awareness of the power of the individual.  As we each must fight for our own rights and independence, we must equally protect the rights of the innocent, the helpless and the fragile environment.

11 Piece - Burnished Stainless Steel Installation - 6 FT to 10.5 FT Tall

REFLECTIVE MAN is comprised of eleven 6-10.5 feet high stainless steel sculptures which represent the many facets of human existence, in both male and female form designed to emote a range of interpersonal emotions.    
REFLECTIVE MAN presents the viewer with a canvas to contemplate the self as one would observe their reflection in 

a calm sea.speaks to the relationship of men and women.  While we are reflections of the world we live in, we also create reflections in all of those that we encounter.

It has travelled the nation and is presently installed in the Vero Beach Art Village, at the Artist's Residence.  In each location the installation dynamically changes to conform to it's environment.

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