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Finding Inspiration

Finding inspiration is not a challenge for me. Holding it, is the challenge. Creating art is an exercise to maintain inspiration, but when I leave the studio and must face the banal, the heat is on.

How do I remain inspirered when I’m cruising down the road and that guy just cuts me off and flips me the bird because I was only going the speed limit? Or when docking my boat (Aqua Studio) and the engine stalls unexpectedly and creates a dangerous and unnerving recovery opportunity.

Opportunity, is the imperative word. We can look at what we don’t like in life and get angry, or see it as the price we pay for the challenge of feeling inspired. Once we take on that challenge, we see that opportunity and the door of inspiration opens.


Opportunity is always there but embracing it is very emotionally “expensive”, the price and the collateral is, being focused on the positive, rather than the” cheap” (effortless) way, of being negative.

Why is there so much negativity in our society? It’s the easy way. Why exercise the effort of thinking or acting when you can just be negative? Why deny yourself the thrill of that temper tantrum or the emotional rush of self-pity?

Focusing on the negative, as an opportunity for inspiration, is like climbing Mt Everest.

Join me in the challenge of this climb, this road less traveled. Let’s share our inspiration and learn to be patient with the alterative. It’s always there. It’s a choice, an ongoing opportunity…

Stay in touch,


#FineArt #PublicArt #EnvironmentalAwareness #Sculpture #SelfAwareness #OceanConservation #VeroBeach

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