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Conversations with Bruce

In a recent conversation with Bruce these points of interest were discussued. However, certainly not limited to this single blog. It’s a start, and I wont STOP, IT’S an ongoing blog after all...

I believe that we all have a need for a deeper understanding of life. The ocean can help us discover that depth if we veiw it as a metaphor. The intangable (GREATER, deeper KNOWLEDGE) needs examples that are logical to ease into understanding.

Knowledge comes from the subconscience into our conscionseNESS. WE are filling a void that is ever deepening. as we learn the need for knowege increases and it is on going, there is no end.

not even death can stop all expanding consciousness.

Look at the ocean. the DEPTH, THE romance, the DANGER. It is the dominant ecosystem on our planet. it effects everything. its vastness is incomprehensible.

It is however a mere speck when put into the relationship of inerplanetery space. Like you & me, a tiny part of infinity.

we are the sum of many parts…

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